Manlius, NY


The development of a masterplan for a church organization outside of Syracuse, New York included immediate as well as long term programming goals for their 100 acre site. Limited finances demanded an incremental design solution.

Connected Clearings

The site was blanketed in a dense thicket of trees. Considering these woods as a kind of architectural mass prompted a novel approach to economy: we proposed to work subtractively, creating outdoor ‘rooms’ formed by crop circle like voids. The clearings are separated for privacy, yet linked by a walking path and a single driveway. Treating architecture and forest equally allows for an incremental development of buildings to be inserted seamlessly into the multi-phased masterplan. The mixed-use development will include a senior housing facility, a convalescent home, numerous playing fields, a new sanctuary, and the renovation of existing structures.



With PARA-Project
Project team: Brian Price, Jonathan Lott