Columbia University

Para-theses: Current Trajectories in Architecutral Research
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning
February 4th, 2006
Organized with Jonathan Lott and Dominic Leong

Paratheses was a symposium addressing the emerging shift in architectural pedagogy on collaborative forms of research. While the independent thesis project exemplifies the image and model of the heroic independent architect, this symposium examinedthe implications of collective research initiatives and think-tanks which are quickly taking its place. Architectural research has taken on a polemic dimension, extending into strategies for revitalizing and repositioning architectural practice. What is at stake in embracing these collective models of research? What new direction is offered to the unstable constitution of architectural knowledge through this ideological shift? Gathering together the educators at the forefront of this development, we will discuss what is offered by the trope of architectural research.