MoMA/PS1, Queens, NY


This finalist proposal for the annual P.S.1 Warm-Up series is conceived as an inhabitable, fuzzy lumber stack – an off-the-shelf resource only provisionally located at P.S.1 before distribution to the public for entrepreneurial uses. Challenging the convention that minimizing material creates efficiency, the P.S.1 Stimulator proposes that the maximum accumulation of material can yield excess as resource.


From Excess to Resource

We propose a new attitude toward the culture of excess. Unlike the past, excess is not waste. And unlike the present, excess is not simply reuse or recycling. Excess must be thought of as a resource. At P.S.1, we address excess as utility. Excess should activate. Excess should stimulate. As such, our proposal aims to place P.S.1 in a chain of three stimulus packages: Economic, Sensorial, and Cerebral.



Excess as Resource = MASSiveness

As a result of budgetary constraints P.S.1 installations typically rely on a material and structural economy of means that result in a tectonic of Thinness. But if material is instead considered as a resource whose accumulation is desirable we arrive at Mass and the archaic tectonic of the lumber stack – a renewable resource with maximum use value for the public following the P.S.1 installation.


Second Life

The PS1 courtyard acts as a temporary holding area for the inhabitable lumber stack before the resource is distributed to public and private, non-profit and for-profit institutions to be used for further entrepreneurial projects. The lumber stack will slowly disperse over the course of the summer as the public is invited to propose alternate uses for the material.







With PARA-Project
Project team: Brian Price, Dominic Leong, Jonathan Lott